The Last Mission

genre: feature film, war drama
director: Jacek Bławut
DOP: Jolanta Dylewska
script: Jacek Bławut
production Designer: Marcelina Początek-Kunikowska
coproduced with: DI Factory, Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowe, Impakt Film, Produkcja Filmów Jacek Bławut, WFDiF
co-financed by: Polish Film Institute

It is the year 1940. While on the beaches of Dunkirk the frantic evacuation of Allied troops continues, a Polish submarine ORP “Orzeł” descends into the depths of the North Sea. The crew has many spectacular successes, including a daring escape from Tallinn and a sinking of the German transporter ship “Rio De Janeiro”. Now the boat will have to face a mysterious and dangerous mission, which will be jeopardized not only by underwater mines, depth bombs, enemy ships and patrol aircrafts, but also the increasing physical and mental exhaustion of the crew.