genre: feature documentary film
year of production: 2022
director: Lidia Duda
DOP: Wojciech Staroń, Zuzanna Zachara-Hassairi
sound: Krzysztof Ridan

coproduced with: TVP S.A., The Mazovia Institute of Culture, LunaFilm
co-financed by: Polish Film Institute

Imaginative and spirited Zosia, sensitive and self-conscious Oskar, and independent, but shy Kinga start their first year at the boarding school for visually impaired and blind children. They resemble fledglings. The seven-year-olds are too young to leave home. Facing the difficult separation from their parents, they try to support each other… This is a film about the life lesson on ‘spreading your wings’ and about the things that help us get through another day even though the world is falling to pieces around us.