genre: feature documentary film
director: Lidia Duda
DOP: Zuzanna Zachara-Hassairi
sound: Krzysztof Ridan

Fresh university graduates, Asia and Marek escaped to their own paradise. They bought an old house near the eastern border of Poland, in the Białowieża Forest, the oldest forest of Europe. This is where their children were born: Marysia, Ignacy and Franek. Their life is immersed in nature and the forest is their second home, tamed and trusted. European bison and herds of roe deer often come up to their windows. The kids have a happy childhood, a loving mum and a caring dad. But one day, their forest changes as Strangers and Others show up. Freezing cold, often sick, hungry, lost… Refugees, unwelcome neither in Poland, nor in Belarus. The big politics comes knocking on their door, and the children are unable to cope with that. They have to redefine the notions of good and evil and understand why their mum cries in the forest even though their family keeps helping these strangers…