Everythings Needs to Live

genre: documentary feature film

year of production: 2024

written and directed by: Tetiana Dorodnitsyna, Andrii Lytvynenko

cinematography by: Tetiana Dorodnitsyna, Ivan Selistran

edited by: Piotr Ogiński, Tetiana Dorodnitsyna

music by: Tumult

sound by: Natalia Avramenko, Xenia Vynogradova, Michał Fojcik MPSE

produced by: Aura Films

co-produced by: CANAL+ Poland and Lena Yakovitska

outreach producer: Weronika Adamowska

co-financed by: Polish Film Institute

When the whole world around her plunges into darkness, Anna, the strongest woman in the world, decides to stay in Ukraine to save the most vulnerable ones – the animals.