Genre: 3D/2D animation VR experience
Length: 8 min.
Delivery: May 2021
Original idea: “Uranium Earpieces” by Stanisław Lem
Director: Paweł Szarzyński
Producer: Marta Szarzyńska


Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Aura Films

with financial support of Polish Film Institute

All that remains of Cosmogonic, a once-great robot-engineer, is his humble, broken head. But you can still step into his memories, where you’ll discover a strange, forgotten world – one where science and technology can either isolate and destroy us, or connect and free us. This animated techno-fable from Poland, presented with humor and wonder in an unexpected installation, brings the vision of Polish sci-fi genius Stanisław Lem and illustrator Daniel Mróz into virtual reality.